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    About PARCC
    Why Caldwell-West Caldwell?
    Benefits of participating in the field test
    What is the format of the test?
    About PARCC
    New Jersey is among a group of leading states participating in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) – an internationally-benchmarked assessment of applied knowledge designed to measure Common Core proficiencies. PARCC will replace statewide exams starting with the NJASK in 2015. These tests will measure students’ content knowledge and key skills, such as their ability to think critically, solve problems, and use information from their reading material to write well-developed essays.


    Why Caldwell-West Caldwell?
    Beginning in late March, we joined hundreds of school districts across the state to participate in online field tests for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, otherwise known as PARCC. The CWC School District was selected by the state Department of Education to participate in both the Performance-Based Assessments and the End-of-Year Assessments in both English Language Arts and Mathematics across multiple grade levels.
    Caldwell-West Caldwell (CWC) Public Schools continue to progressively forge ahead with technology upgrades in preparation of next year’s statewide implementation of PARCC, which will replace the NJ ASK and HSPA tests for students in grades 3 through 11. Before PARCC-developed tests are formally administered statewide, the department of education asked school districts to field test a model of the PARCC exams. Caldwell-West Caldwell agreed to participate in the field test. Select students at James Caldwell High School, Grover Cleveland Middle School, Lincoln School and Washington School will participate in the field test in the spring 2014. The purpose of a field test is to allow schools and students to experience a new test before it counts. A field test is being issued as a means to ensure that test questions are fair, on grade level, and measure the intended skills.
    Benefits of Participating in the Field Test 

    There are several benefits of participating in the PARCC field test. The field tests provide an opportunity to have a greater understanding of the administration of the test, the needs of the students and feedback used to improve policies and procedures for the operational administration in 2014-2015. The field test is really a “test of the test” to see how well it works and whether adjustments need to be made before students take the actual PARCC exams in the 2014-15 school year. This is also a chance to ensure that students can use their schools’ tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to take the tests and learn of any issues related to online testing. Students will not get scores back based on the results, but they will get a chance to engage in challenging Math or English problems and writing exercises. As a district, we will be able to to gather important qualitative data during the administration process. By taking part in the field tests we are gaining insight into PARCC, and our teachers and students will play an important role in the development of future statewide exams.

    There are more than 400 NJ public school districts (representing 1,276 schools in those districts) that will participate in the field tests. 
    View the full list here.


    What is the format of the test?
    The PARCC field test will include two separate test administration windows. The first window will be for administration of the performance-Based assessment (PBA) component. The second window will be for administration of the end-of-Year (EOY) component. Both components will be administered in computer-based and paper-based formats. A student will participate in either the computer-based or paper-based format, but not both. also, no student will be required to take both ELA/literacy and mathematics components of the PARCC field test. As part of the district’s preparation plan for delivering the field tests, teachers will introduce sample PARCC questions to students. By providing access to sample questions students and teachers will have the chance to become familiar with the structure of these new online exams and assess the rigor associated with PARCC testing before sitting for the field test 
    According to the PARCC officials, this spring’s field test will allow districts to try out PARCC test questions, ensuring the questions are aligned to applicable content areas and give feedback on the test itself for further development. The field tests will not be scored.
    CWC will administer the PARCC field test in two parts, from March 25 to April 11 and then from May 5 to June 6 for select Math and English classes in grades throughout the district, as determined by the state Department of Education.

    For questions or additional information,contact your building principal, or Scott Klepesch, Director of Instructional Services, at sklepesch@cwcboe.org, or visit http://www.parcconline.org/about-parcc. Thank you for your continued involvement in and support of your child's education.

    For more on PARCC, please visit: http://www.parcconline.org.