• Birthdays in Kindergarten!


    A Birthday is a special day in a child’s life! I would love to celebrate your child’s Birthday in School to help make it even more special! If your child’s birthday falls on a school day, we’ll celebrate it that day.  If it falls on the weekend or a day off, we’ll choose a day to celebrate that’s closest to the actual date. If your child has a Summer birthday, we can choose a day in May or June to celebrate.

    Birthday Reader – You are invited to come in to be a Birthday Reader to our class. If Mom or Dad cannot come in, you can choose a Grandma/Grandpa, Aunt/Uncle or special family friend. The book you choose to read should be about 10-15 minutes long.

    We cannot give out snacks, but you are welcome to send in small goody bags or things, such as a Pencil, Bookmark, Stickers, a book, etc. 

    Last, if you are having a party for your child, invitations can only be passed out if the whole class is invited or all girls or all boys. Thank you for understanding.

    As your child’s birthday is approaching, please contact me via email and we’ll make arrangements for you or someone special to come in. I hope to make your child’s day as special as I can.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Minardi J