• Classroom Wish List 2019-2020

    Design Challenge Materials

    Wish List #1

    Our class is asking for the following materials to be donated, or borrowed, so that we can continue our path to becoming successful engineers through understanding and performing  design challenges.  Thanks in advance!

    • LEGO men ( a total of 7 will be needed)

    • Plastic tub (total of 7 will be needed)

    • String

    • Bags of pennies with amount labeled (total of 700 pennies will be needed)

    • Yarn

    • Ribbon

    • Floss

    • Coffee filters

    • Brown paper lunch bags

    • Wrapping paper

    • Roll of Paper towels

    • Roll of Masking Tape

    • Newspaper

    *If you are donating an item, please indicate so.  Also, please let me know how long we are able to borrow it for (i.e. until after the next design challenge, until the end of the school year).