• Library Policies

    Hours: The Library is open to students every day from 8:50 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.


    Book Circulation:

    · Kindergarten – 1 book

    · First Grade – 1-2 books (mid-year change)

    · Second Grade – 2 books

    · Third Grade – 2 books

    · Fourth Grade – 2 books

    · Fifth Grade – 2 books

    Students in all grades are permitted to borrow additional books for teacher-assigned readings and research projects. Each class visits the library once or twice weekly for lessons and book selection.  The Library also has an open visitation policy which means students, with teacher permission, may also come down to select books as needed. 

    Overdue Books:  There are no fines for overdue books!  However a student may not check out additional books, even for class assignments, if they have a book that is overdue.

    Lost Books:  A lost library book must be paid for; the amount is determined by the purchase price of the book when the library acquired it.  If the book is found, even years later, the money will be fully refunded.  Until the book is paid for, it is considered overdue and the student may not check out any additional books.  If the student feels the book was returned, we will thoroughly search the library for it.  If it is not found in the Library, the book must be paid for.