nurse cap The Caldwell-West Caldwell Public Schools are proactive in communicating important health information to parents/guardians. The district employs six nurses to support the wellness of all students. Questions pertaining to your child's health should first be addressed with your school nurse. Parents/Guardians are reminded to complete all forms relating to student health each year and update that information as warranted throughout the school year.

 School Name Nurse Name   Phone Number E-Mail 
James Caldwell High School Danielle Ciccaglione, RN, CSN 973-228-9358
Grover Cleveland Middle School Betty Gakos, RN, CSN
Jefferson Elementary School and Nursing Coordinator
Maryann Rivera, RN, CSN
Lincoln Elementary School Leslie Moran, RN, CSN 973-228-3987
Washington Elementary School Beth Dean, MA, RN, CSN
Wilson Elementary School Daria Napolitano, MSN, RN, CSN