•  Unit 3
    Spelling Words
    Pearl and Wagner   Dear Juno  Anansi Goes Fishing  Rosa and Blanca  A Weed is a Flower
    read                        goat             basketball                 find                        sooner
    feel                         hold             someone                    child                       soonest
    easy                        show            weekend                    sky                         hotter
    deep                        most           something                  bright                    hottest               
    seat                        bowl            birthday                    wild                         busier
    party                      float            riverbank                  fly                           busiest
    wheel                      toast           bathtub                    right                        happier
    leave                       ago              backyard                  flight                       happiest
    windy                      open            driveway                   spider                      smaller
    sleep                       told             bedtime                    cry                          smallest
    teeth                      toad            raindrop                    blind                        fatter
    team                       slow             mailbox                     myself                    fattest
    wreath                   almost          grandparent             frighten                   angrier
    season                   throat           rattlesnake              arrival                      angriest
    hollow                    eagle             earthquake              identify                    straighter                                                          
    Sight Words
    shoe                        picture          believe                    daughters                 neighbor
    guess                       school           caught                     youngest                  hours
    watch                      answer          finally                      their                        money
    science                   faraway         been                         buy                          clothes
    won                         parents         whatever                  many                        taught
    village                     wash              today                       alone                        only
    pretty                    company         tomorrow                 half                          question