• Unit 1
    Spelling Words                                                                           
     Iris and Walter          Exploring Space              Henry and Mudge                Walk in the Desert                     Strongest One
     drum                             tune                                stop                                     talked                                          bunch
    rock                              page                                 strap                                   talking                                         that  
    list                                nose                                 nest                                    dropped                                        wish
    desk                              space                               hand                                   dropping                                       patch
    job                                size                                  brave                                  excited                                        when    
    sad                                fine                                  ask                                     exciting                                        what                   
    chop                               mice                                clip                                     lifted                                            math
    sack                               late                                  stream                               lifting                                           them
    tag                                 cube                                mask                                  hugged                                          shape      
    rib                                 blaze                                twin                                   hugging                                         whale
    mess                              home                                breeze                               smiled                                           itch
    dust                               vote                                 state                                 smiling                                          chase                 
    pocket                           erase                                browse                             dragging                                        whiskers
    lettuce                          spice                                 straight                             amazed                                        switch
    engine                           confuse                             skeleton                             amazing                                       shrimp
    Sight Words
     country                           live                                 love                                    water                                          pieces
    beautiful                         work                                mother                               full                                             often
    front                              woman                              father                                animals                                        very
    someone                         machines                          straight                              early                                           together
    somewhere                     move                                 bear                                   warm                                          though
    friend                            everywhere                       couldn't                              eyes                                           gone
                                          world                                 build                                                                                     learn