• Field Day Info

    Wilson Field Day: TBD. Likely to combined with Waterpalooza this year! 

    Interested in Volunteering to help?? email Michelle Thabaz at ammmnj@yahoo.com 

    Jefferson Field Day:Complete!

    Why is Field Day at the beginning of the year???

    It has been a long standing tradition to hold our Field Day event at the beginning of the school year for multiple reasons.

    1. It allows the class to develop a bond early in the year

    2. The weather is generally excellent during the first months of school

    3. Scheduling gets very tricky at the end of the year, while the beginning of the year has minimal conflicts


    ***Kindergarten will not participate in the fall Field Day. The outgoing 5th graders will develop and run a Field Day for kindergarten in the last weeks of school.***