Below is a copy of your College Planning Guide.  This is a great resource to provide you information on the college search process, standardized testing, submitting applications, applying for financial need, as well as other topics related to applying to colleges/universities.



    ·         SAT/ACTYou should plan to take either or both tests during junior year. You must register for these tests online at:




    ·    LIST OF SCHOOLSYou should begin to compile a list after talking with your family about distance and cost. Be sure to use the SuperMatch college search in your Naviance account.


    ·   VISIT! VISIT! VISIT!:  You should have visited or plan to visit schools. Attend  an “Open House” or campus tour registering on the colleges website or by calling the admissions office.


    ·     LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION:  Ask 2 teachers by the end of the year.  Follow up in September of your senior year.


    ·     ACTIVITY  RESUME:  Create one using the Resume Builder in your Naviance account.


    ·  SCHOLARSHIPS: Monthly JCHS scholarship bulletins are available on the JCHS website or in the Guidance Office. They will also be emailed to students and parents.

    During your Junior Meeting with your School Counselor you will focus on discussing what you are looking for in a "good fit" college and how to navigate the tools in your Naviance Student account.
    In an additional meeting, you will determine your course selections for your Senior Year.  Please be sure to come prepared to that meeting with the classes you are interested in taking next year.




     College Planning