• multiplication problem
    The Importance of Knowing Your Math Facts
    multiplication problem
    There have been many studies done on  the importance of memorizing basic math facts.  Many have concluded that basic math fact fluency has a direct correlation to success in learning new concepts. 

    Everyone has different ways to help them learn.  Here are some ways to memorize math facts:
    *  Flash cards - an oldie but goodie.  Don't groan.  This is a tried and true method that works for many students.  Many students groan about this method because they are not using the cards effectively.  To begin, you should start with one number at a time.  For example, start with your ones.  Go through the deck and any problem that you get within 3 seconds goes in the "mastered pile".  Any card answered correctly but takes more than 3 seconds goes in the "practice pile".  Any card that is answered incorrectly goes in the "don't know pile"  Once you have gone through the entire pile, correctly repeat cards from the "don't know pile."  For example, say "seven plus one equals eight" 3 times while tracing the fact with your finger on a piece of material or other surface.  Now mix up the "practice pile" and the "don't know pile" and do only those cards.  The next day, work on another number.  The third day, combined the two piles and go through the entire deck. You will start to notice that the "mastered pile" is getting bigger and bigger.  By practicing your facts 5 - 10 minutes each night, you will learn them.  For instructions on how to make triangle flash cards, click on the following links: Addition and Subtraction Cards or Multiplication and Division Cards
    *Make up songs -You Tube has great videos.
         School House Rock :
          - Season 1 Multiplication Episode 2
          -3 is a magic number
          - Four
          - Ready or Not, Her I come (5's)
          - I Got Six
          - Lucky Seven Samson
          -Figure 8
       Multiplication Fact Song- (9 times tables trick using fingers) march 11, 2010