• Counseling Corner

    Getting back into a good school routine and developing good study habits can be a struggle for some students.  It may result in having some anxiety.  A good routine to start right away is for parents to have after school chats with their children.  Set aside some time each day to go through their papers.  Decide what time of the day will work for both of you; but not too late, because students will not have the day's work still fresh in their minds.  Always help them feel proud of their work and efforts; it increases their self-confidence and they will work harder.
    Study Tips
     Provide a healthy snack before doing homework
    Arrange a quiet study area & clear the space so there no distractions
    If there is too much homework and the student is overwhelmed, break down the homework in smaller parts
    Sometimes short breaks can help the student reduce anxieties and frustrations
    Some students work better with a homework or goal chart. www.kidpointz.com has great charts
    Allow the student some time to do their own work
    Have the student start with the easiest work first

    Margarita Gallina, LCSW

    School Counselor