• My name is Peter Protogiannis. I have been teaching at Washington School for ten years, all ten of those years in fourth grade. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education/Elementary  Education, with a concentration in Social Studies, from New Jersey City University. I am  certified to teach K-6 Elementary, K-12 Social Studies, and hold a Student’s with Disabilities Certification. I also recently earned my Master’s in Science from Arkansas State University, with a specialization in Theory and Educational Practice. I have been a participant in many CWCBOE Title-1 Funded programs,school-wide committees, and curriculum writing opportunities.  

    My classroom is data driven, which means I will use your child’s work to adjust my teaching to student needs. This Target Specific Teaching (TST), allows me to work with your child on a specific strength or weakness. I implement TST in conjunction with the lesson taught that day.  Finally, in my classroom, every day there will be time set aside for social activities.  During these breaks, there will be organized competitive activities geared towards team building. With goals to help build a strong classroom community.

    I focus on Growth Mindset with the students, where I highlight what they’ve learned and not the final grade. Meanwhile, I will communicate their scores on LinkIt (a form of assessment to help individualize my instruction), their reading levels, and their writing abilities via email or phone call with you. In my praxis, I noticed when I emphasized the students' growth of content taught, it created a more confident student. Due to the fact, they are able to identify the specific skill where the growth is taking place, the perseverance they developed to overcome this, and the confidence they built knowing they overcame a challenge. In my class, there are no letter grades, just a streamlined communication of academic development. 

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I look forward to working with you!


    Mr. Protogiannis