• Reading is important in every day life!

    In First Grade, we are constantly learning how to improve our reading skills, strategies, and comprehension skills. We focus a lot on strategies and what to do if you do not know a word.

    Reading is fun!
    Please remember to make reading fun at home, too! Read to your child and let you child read to you! Below are guidelines on what to do before reading, while reading, and after reading. When reading with your child, model "thinking aloud." If you are modeling "thinking aloud" your child will begin to practice the same strategy. Reading Strategies

    Before Reading, While Reading and After Reading

    Before Reading:
    Look at titles, pictures, and headings to see what the book is about. Tell yourself what you already know from looking at the pictures. Decide what you want to find. Predict what the author will say.

    During reading:
    Tell yourself what the author is saying. Ask yourself if what you are reading makes sense. Picture what the author describes. Identify the main ideas.  Predict what will come next.

    After reading:
    Retell what you read in your own words. Summarize the most important ideas. Ask yourself questions and answer them. Picture in your mind what the author described. Decide what your favorite part was.