• Books are like adventures!

    We hope to take each child on an adventure each time we read a story. In turn, we hope they can do the same when they read books on their own. There are not only intriguing stories, but always books in which we can learn an unbelievable vast amount of knowledge! Let’s take this journey together!

    As our “Book in a Bag” weekly homework assignment, you will be able to read with your child throughout the school year. It is so important for you to spend the time reading, engaging in discussions, and storytelling each night! Please make sure this homework assignment is completed each night (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

    Before the month, please gather 1 book per week for your child to read. You may choose ANY leveled reader for ANY month of the school year. Each month, whether it is September or June, it is important for you to read to your child and have your child read to you. Spend time discussing the key story elements, practicing fluency, and also reading expressively!

    Please look for the monthly newsletter to depict the skills you should work on.

    Also, each “Hooked on Books” should be completed on Thursday night and returned on Friday. That assignment is counted as part of Thursday night’s homework.

    So here’s what to do: -The week before, make sure you have enough books on our theme for the upcoming month. REMEMBER, you can use ANY leveled reader for ANY month of the school year. You can purchase books or borrow them from any library. Either one is more than fine. This gives you a chance to visit the library with your child. Both choices give you the chance to browse for books of your child’s interest and level together!

    For the beginning months: On Monday, begin reading to your child. By Thursday, your child should be reading the book to you!

    By the end of the year, your child should be able to read most books independently. Please have a discussion about comprehension questions afterward. Once your child is reading chapter books, decide whether your child should read 1-2 chapters per night, depending on the length of the chapter. Complete the “Hooked on Books” for the chapter or the whole story.

    Look for the skills to practice on for each week.

    Check the “Hooked on Books” worksheet to see what comprehension skill we are working on. (The question on the back is the essential skill we are working on as a class).

    Send in the book and “Hooked on Books” worksheet on Friday. Please refer to this notice for future reference!

    Happy Reading!