• Celebrity in the Spotlight will begin in January of 2010! 
    Each student will have the chance to be our “Celebrity in the Spotlight.” We are excited and looking forward to learning more about you, listening to you read, and meeting your special guest.

    Below you will find a schedule of what your week will be like and what you need to prepare for it. The first thing you need to do is choose a guest reader whom you would like to visit our classroom. Your guest reader may be any adult you choose (mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or special friend). Siblings in the school are not allowed to be guest readers, due to their classroom schedules. Please ask you guest to choose a day (Monday through Friday) and time that is convenient for him or her to come to school. Please look at the schedule on the reverse side so the time doesn’t interfere with our specials.
    Let your guest reader know that he or she should bring a book to read to the class and will have approximately 20 minutes to spend in our classroom. Once you have selected your guest reader, fill out the form below and return to me as soon as possible.

    Schedule of Events
    Before your week Fill out the “Celebrity in the Spotlight” Questionnaire paper and Read All About Me Poster. Color the poster and add a photograph or illustration of yourself. (These materials will be given out the Thursday before your week.) Choose 6 pictures yourself and your family to hang on the bulletin board. Choose the book you will read on Friday of your week and practice reading it aloud.

    Monday or Tuesday: The class interviews the “Celebrity in the Spotlight” and writes a book about him or her.

    Wednesday: The “Celebrity in the Spotlight” shares one special item with the class (Show and Tell). Please practice what you will say about your item at home. This item should not be a toy that you would bring to the playground, but instead it should be something special to you.

    Friday: The “Celebrity in the Spotlight” reads a book to the class.