• Birthday Notices
    Happy Birthday
         Birthdays are so much fun, especially in first grade! Below are some of the activities we will do for each child's birthday some time during his/her day. Some activities you will do at home, too. These items are in addition to singing "Happy Birthday" and playing Birthday Bingo! :)
    If you choose to send in birthday invitations, we ask that you send one for each child, or one for each girl/each boy.
    Birthday poster:
    A few days before your child's birthday, you will receive a birthday poster. Please spend time coloring the poster and return it to school one day before or the day of your child's birthday. We will hang it up on the board for the day!
    Birthday Baggie:
    The day of your child's birthday, you will receive a baggie of birthday books to borrow for the night. Spend the night reading some of these books about birthdays! Some books you can read on your own and some books you can have an adult read to you!
    Birthday coupon:
    On the bottom of your birthday notice, you will find a birthday coupon. You can use this birthday homework coupon in place of one of your homework worksheets or workbook page. You can not use it in place of “Word Book/Spelling” or “Book in a bag.”

    Happy, happy reading on your
    happy, happy birthday!
    P.S. Please remember to put all 5 books back into the baggie and place it in your backpack. Please remember to bring back this birthday baggie the next day! The next day could be another friend's birthday!
    ***Please remember to NOT send in any food
    for your child's birthday!
    Thank you!