GCMS Instrumental Lessons

2011-2012 Grading Policy


As you are aware, instrumental students have one group lesson a week in addition to attending band and orchestra rehearsals. This form of instruction is much more intensive since students are grouped by the same instrument and are instructed by a teacher who is an expert on the instrument. Many of the idiosyncrasies relating to your performing abilities on the instrument can be addressed and remedied in your small group lesson.


When you started in the elementary schools, lessons were the same time and day throughout the year. At GCMS, lessons are the same day but rotate at different times as each week progresses. This schedule places demands on your organizational skills and it is critical that you strategize to meet your obligations not only to you but also to your fellow players that are in your small group lesson. So it is your responsibility, not your classroom or music teachers, to remember your lesson times.


When you think about it, you have forty minutes a week for lessons. Can you think of a class in school where you have less time than that? Being the case, missing one lesson is equivalent to missing a week of instruction. Missing two lessons is like missing two weeks. You can see where we’re going with this.


On the back of this page is the grading rubric for instrumental lessons at GCMS. You will be graded every marking period according to the criteria in the rubric. We strongly suggest that you check your lesson schedule as a habit. Lesson schedules are posted in the band room and should be posted in your classrooms. It is easy to remember the day you have lessons. Make it a habit on that day, or the day before, to see what time your lesson is. In addition, check the date of the day you have your lesson as to ensure the correct time.


Please review the rubric, sign the statement below and return to your instrumental music teacher. He/she will make a copy and then return the original to you. He/she will keep the copy for their records.


We believe that once you establish this routine; a musically rewarding year will be assured. We will be here to help you if needed.

Mr. Larsen, Ms. Fahlstedt, Mr. Lienhard, Ms. Lienhard, Mr. Burrows, and Mr. Modero
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