• damaged and lost book page picture

    It is my experience that accidents do happen.  Younger siblings may use library books for creative art projects, juice boxes can leak in a backpack, or they may be left behind while on vacation.  Please report this to us.  If a book is lost or damaged beyond use, you will be billed for the replacement cost.

    Please do not attempt to repair a torn page at home.  We use special tapes and glue that do not discolor.  Upon returning the book, please attach a note and we will repair it.

    All books are checked out for two weeks.  The exception to this rule is when a school holiday occurs the following week.  In that case, the book would be checked out for an additional week.  If a child is not finished reading the book, it may be renewed for another week.  We do allow multiple renewals if no one has a reserve on the book.  Kindly encourage your child to return books on time.

    Please remember that your children should be encouraged to wash their hands before reading library books, and not to eat or drink anything while reading.  Bookmarks should always be used rather than turning down the corners of the pages.

    While a library book is in your child's possession, it is their responsibility to treat it with care.