Social Studies
    Where Do You Live? 
    We live in West Caldwell or Caldwell (our town)
    We live in New Jersey (our state)
    We live in The United States (our country)
    We live in North America (our continent)


    NJ poster project 

    Your child will be responsible for creating a poster about NJ.  Posters should not be larger than

    22 x 30.  Posters will be hung, so do not use extra thick poster boards, foam boards or display boards. 


    What the poster must include:

    1.        a title (New Jersey) and student’s name

    2.        state map

    3.        state bird and flower

    4.        state flag

    5.        state seal

    6.        state tree

    Label each item.


    Also include a few of the following:

    (This will make your poster unique.)


    State motto, sports teams, state coin, state insect, famous people who lived in NJ, popular cities in NJ, colleges in NJ, entertainment in NJ, musical places in NJ, museums in NJ, etc…



    Let me know if you have any questions or if your child needs a poster board.  


    The Grand Canyon 


    1.  The Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world.


    2.  It is 277 miles long and about 1 mile deep.


    3.  At the bottom of the canyon is the Colorado River.


    4.  The Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona.


    5.   Erosion is mainly how the Grand Canyon was formed.


    6.   Europeans discovered the Grand Canyon.


    7.  In 1919, the Grand Canyon became a national park.


    8.  Bald eagles, rattlesnakes, & mule deer are some animals that

           live in the canyon.






    The California Gold Rush


    1.               The gold rush began in 1848.


    2.            Miners found it difficult to mine for gold.


    3.            It was expensive to live and eat in California during    the gold rush.


    4.           Miners panned for gold and dug for it in the ground.


    5.            California became a state in 1850.