Social Studies
    Trimester 1- September 2020

    Me on a Map a book by J. Sweeney 

    https://safeYouTube.net/w/9EbZ        ( click this link to listen to the book ) 

    Mapping Our Town 
    vocabulary to understand -
    1.  cardinal directions - north, south, east, west
    2.  community- a place where people live & work
    3.  globe- a model of the earth
    4.  intermediate directions- northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest
    5.  label- a name for an object or person
    6.  map- a picture or a drawing of a place
    7.  map key- part of a map that explains the symbols used on the map
    8.  symbol- a line, shape, color, or object that stands for something else
    Communities- rural, suburban, urban 
    Trade Books - Resources
    Everyboy's Somewhere by Spelman
    City by P. Pancella
    Farm by E. Cooper
    Country Kid, City Kid by J. Cummins
    Town Mouse, Country Mouse by J. Brett
    Living in Urban Communities by K. Sterling
    Suburban Communities by K. Sterling
    Living in Rural Communities by K. Sterling
    On the Town: A Community Adventure by Casely 
    Where Do You Live? 
    We live in West Caldwell or Caldwell (our town)
    We live in New Jersey (our state)
    We live in The United States (our country)
    We live in North America (our continent)