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     Book Buzzes (from the past)
     Emily's Fiction Book Buzz
    The Hunted Castle on Hallows Eve by Mary Pope Osborne
    Two children on Hallows Eve get a mysterious letter and go searching to find why they got the letter.  Who was it from?
    4 STARS 
    Charlie's Fantasy Book Buzz
    Boom Chicka Rock  by Suzanne Tanner 
    The book is about 12 little mice and they are scared of a big fat cat.  The mice are in the clock.
     4 STARS
    James C's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Wilfird Gordon McDonald Partridge by  Mem Fox
    Mem Fox was born in Melbourne.  Bat spent most of her early life in Zimbabwe.
    4 STARS 
    Jordan's Mystery Book Buzz
    The Ghost in My Attic by Robyn Supraner
    A kid name Peter heard a funny noise.  Peter looked and looked all over the house but he couldn't find it.  He looked again and he found out what it was!
     4 STARS
    Ashling's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Emma's Strange Pet by Jean Little
    Emma gets a strange pet for her birthday.  Max wants a furry pet but Emma is allergic.  Will Max get a furry pet?
     5 STARS
    Ari's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Judy Moody was in a Mood Not a Good One a Bad Mood by Megan McDonald 
    Judy Moody doesn't want to be in school because she doesn't want to sit next to this boy. She doesn't like him, so she is in a bad mood.
     5 STARS
    James G's Fiction Book Buzz
    Haunted Castle by Mary Pope
    This story was about a boy and his sister on an adventure to a haunted castle.
    5 STARS 
    Sean's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Stuart Goes to School by Sara Penny Packer
    Stuart does not have any friends because he moved to a new school.  He was afraid his mom would make him wear weird clothes, or he'd get stuck in the bathroom at school.  He did not know what to show at show-and-tell.
     5 STARS
     Grace's Mystery/Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
     Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Missing Hamster by James Preller
    There's a boy with a missing hamster and Jigsaw Jones must find it!  He looks everywhere!  Even in the vacuum.  Will he find it?  Will he not?
     4 STARS
    Michael's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Buffaloes Before Breakfast by Mary Pope Osborne
    Jack and Annie try to hunt down a buffalo but when the buffalo sees Annie, a stampede of buffaloes charge at Annie. 
      3 STARS
    Dominic's Mystery Book Buzz
    Ace Lacewing Bug Detective by David Biedrzycki
    It's about a mystery of a missing bee queen. Ace Lacewing Bug Detective is trying to find her and I can't tell you the rest!
     4 STARS
    Lance's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Backyard Sports Hand-Off by Michael Teitelbawn
    It's Pablo's first time playing backyard football and he's excited.  But something goes wrong in the game.  Pablo has to be QB.  Can Pablo lead the team to a win?
     4 STARS
    Nadean's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes
    It's the first day of school and Chrysanthemum is sure that it's going to be absolutely perfect.  Just like her name Chrysanthemum.  But her classmates have other ideas.
     4 STARS
    Ava's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Pet War by Allan Woodrow
    And then it hit me.  A lot of people need help walking dogs!  That's win-win-win!  I bet I could earn more money then Lexi and her cat!  That's a quadruple win.
     4 STARS
    Peter's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Puppy Place, Rascal by Ellen Miles
    "There's Sir Galaha," said Maria, pointing.  The big horse stood grazing calmly in the shade.  "And there's Rascal!" said Lizzie.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  The puppy was lying right next to one of Sir Galaha's big house.
     4 STARS
    Nicole's Realistic Fiction Book Buzz
    Jack Russell Dog Detective by Darrel and Sally Odgers
    It's about a dog who is a dog detective and its helper is helping always with his cases and crimes.  
     4 STARS