• Hello!  My name is Sheila Zeman and I teach Health and Physical Education at Washington and Lincoln Elementary Schools.  I have worked in the Caldwell West Caldwell School District for 19 years.
    I recieved my Bachelors Degree in Physical Education with a minor in Athletic Training from East Stroudsburg University.  I earned my Masters in Physical Education with a minor in Exercise Science from Montclair State University.
    I worked as a full time Athletic Trainer for 10 years, before I was lucky enough to start teaching Health and Physical Education.  As an athletic trainer I had the opportunity to work with all levels of athletes.  I traveled to Romania, Germany, and Norway with the United States Women's Team Handball team.  I spent two years working at Montclair State University, but my favorite athletic training job was the seven years I spent working at James Caldwell High School.
    I believe that fitness is the key to well being.  I was a competitive runner in high school and college, and have run the NY marathon and Midnight Sun marathon.  I now find walking and yoga to be my fitness outlet.
    It has been a pleasure to be able to stay in the CWC District and teach at two elementary schools.  I love getting to know so many different students, and I hope I can positively influence them.