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    Here are some tips to make homework easier

    * Remove distractions – homework should be done in a quiet place. Find a place with a limited number of distractions. Doing homework near a t.v. or where other are playing is not a good idea. 
    * Have supplies handy – You do not begin a recipe before checking for ingredients. Make sure you have all homework “ingredients” readily available before beginning homework. Getting up for pencils, crayons, rulers and erasers are building in distractions. Having supplies at hand, lessens the breaks in concentration.
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    * Establish a Routine - Setting a specific time and make it part of a routine. Right after school or right after supper, decide which works better for your child. Some children may do better right after school while other children may need the break making after dinner a better choice. Decide what is best for your child.
    * Prioritize – Complete tasks that are due the soonest. Help your child pace long term projects or study for a test. For example, read one or two chapters a night for a book report due in a few weeks or study 5 words a night for the spelling test on Friday.
    * Guide but don’t correct – Offer to read directions or offer an idea to solve the problem. Do not do the assignment for your child. This is your child’s homework not yours. If your child is having great difficulty and does not understand the assignment, contact his or her teacher by e-mail, assignment pad or phone to let them know what was too difficult about the assignment. Show an interest – Look over your child’s homework to make sure it is complete. You do not have to correct every problem. You can spot check to find out if your child has the right concept. homework help
    backpack * Get organized for tomorrow – Your child needs to put all his or her homework back into their backpack. Homework left at home does not get graded. Part of the homework is for your child to develop a sense of responsibility by handing in their homework.
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