• Homework Policy


    Homework is important.  It helps you practice what you learn in school.   We expect your homework to always be completed and brought to school each day.


    Responsibilities of students:

    Homework should be:

    ·       Turned in on time

    ·       Completely finished (If you are not sure of an answer make an educated guess.  Ask an adult, an older sibling, or a classmate for help.)

    ·       Neat

    ·       In your own handwriting


    Responsibilities of Parents:

    ·       Check your child’s assignment pad or homework notebook so that you know his or her assignments.

    ·       Please initial your child’s assignment pad or homework notebook each night.

    ·       Check to see that your child has completely and neatly finished all assignments

    ·       Review completed homework assignments with your child (as much as possible).  Do not correct homework for your child.  Rather, guide him or her to make corrections in their own handwriting above the mistake.

    ·       Check your child’s Friday folder every week for study guides for upcoming tests and quizzes. (3rd-5th graders)

    ·       Help your child study for quizzes and tests.  (Studying is a skill that needs to be learned.)

    ·       If homework becomes an issue, please contact us so that we can work together to resolve the challenge.