Our math program is a skills sequence program based on the Caldwell-West Caldwell District Curriculum and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Our goals are for the students to be able to understand and apply math concepts and to increase their achievement.  We will teach concepts, computation, problem solving and critical thinking. Students will review mathematics as active, interesting and relevant to their lives.  Our program is enhanced by the use of manipulatives.  Homework is an extension of the day’s lesson and is intended as reinforcement for retention of the skills.

              Math tests will be given on a regular basis.  A practice test will be sent home as homework the night before a test.  The practice test will be reviewed in class and reflects the information covered on the test.  Practice tests can be used as a study guide.  The practice tests are multiple-choice and the actual test is open-ended. 

    It is essential throughout the year that students continue to memorize their addition and subtraction facts.  Please review these facts at home on a regular basis.  Fact tests will be given regularly.

    Please visit math fact cafe for additional practice.