Our reading program is also a sequential skills program based on the Caldwell-West Caldwell District Curriculum and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Our goal is for the students to decode, use word attack skills, gain meaning from a written text and to be able to do so independently.  Another goal is to present reading in a variety of ways so it is enjoyable.

     Our program is based on Reading Street by Scott Foresman.  It is an integrated reading and language arts program.  The stories in the anthology are from a collection of trade books and include both fiction and nonfiction pieces.  Reading instruction is divided into the core areas of phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.    

    Students will be required to read independently.   All second graders will read a selected book each month and complete a short book report.  Above all, we encourage students to read, read, read.  In order to become a good reader, as in anything else, practice is essential. 

    In addition, we read aloud to the class to develop their listening comprehension skills.  We strongly encourage you to read to your child and to have your child read daily!