• 6 BASIC SYLLABLES TYPES syllabication

    closed – has only 1 vowel followed by a at least 1 consonant, the vowel sound is short

                       up, fox, bath
    e-controlled- Magic “e”- an “e” ends the word, the “e” makes the vowel before it long
                       bike, slide, bathe

    open- has only 1 vowel at the end of the word or syllable, the vowel sound is long

                       he, go, stu, ti

    vowel pair- has 2 vowels together, but make only 1 sound

                       train, toad, way

    r-controlled- Bossy “r”- has 1 vowel followed by an “r”, the sound is neither long nor short

                       arm, turn, bird

    Consonant le- is the last syllable of a base word.  It always has 3-letters; a consonant plus and le.  The “e” is silent

                       bubble,   cable,   tangle,  pickle,  rectangle





    #1 split between two consonants-

                rib/bon                           den/tist


    #2 keep h-brothers (sh, ch, th, wh), bonus letters (ff,ss,zz,ll), and blends together (tr, sn, fl)-

               bath/tub               nut/shell               cliff/side


    #3 keep –ng and –nk’s together-

               wing/span   bank/rupt


    #4 if there is only one consonant between vowels-




        *keep the first syllable closed for a short vowel  sound   

                lev/el            cab/in          


            *keep the first syllable open for a long vowel sound

                ro/bot                   pre/tend

    This information is based on the philosophies of Orton-Gillingham and Wilson Reading.
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