Sound tapping is a very important kinesthetic tool to assist a child in sound blending for the reading of words and sound segmenting for the spelling of words.




    1.  Students are to tap using the opposite hand they write with.  This will allow them to “tap” and write simultaneously.


    2.  If the child is tapping with their right hand the palm is to face away from them.  If they are tapping with their left, their palm faces them. This is to ensure left right progression.


    3.  Tapping is thumb to pointer finger, thumb to middle finger, thumb to ring finger and thumb to pinky. Additional sounds may begin again.


    4.  All consonants get a single tap.


    5. The sounds am, an, all, the vowel sound is not pure and is learned as a unit and get tapped using two fingers simultaneously.


    6. th, sh, wh, and ch get a 1 finger tap since these digraphs make only one sound.


    7.  The sounds ang, ing, ong, ung, ink, ank, onk, unk are also impure and learned as a unit and get tapped using 3 fingers at once


    READING- If a child is stuck on a word, tell them to “tap it out.”  Help the child identify am, an, and all as needing a 2 finger tap. 


    SPELLING- Prior to writing, the child needs to say word, and tap the first sound, write what letter represents that sound and continue procedure until the word is spelled.


    *The information above is taken from the Wilson Reading Program.
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