• Homework
    Homework 3
     Homework Assignment Notebook
    • The homework notebook should be signed each night. Having the assignments in this book should help you understand what homework your child has each night. Parents should check the homework and sign the homework page.
    • ** Please remember that homework is work for the student, not the parents. I go over each homework assignment in class with the students. If your child has trouble with an assignment, please let me know with a short note in the assignment book.

    The following is a copy of my homework policy.

    • The first and second homework misses will result in your child completing the assignment during our recess time.
    • The third homework miss will result in your child completing the assignment at home, sitting out our recess time and an (Oops!) notice will be sent home.
    • If the homework continues to be a problem I will call home and possible recommend a conference.
    • Reminder: The school recommends that fourth graders receive homework of 40 minutes in length.