Annual Elementary Art Syllabus      

    The lessons planned for each year will involve several different levels of the art making process.  Each grade level will complete at least one inter-disciplinary lesson and will also study at least one artist.  That artist’s work will be critiqued and their style will be analyzed.  The artists are chosen according to grade level and intensity.


    The first two lessons that kindergarteners focus on are color and shape.  The primary and secondary colors are studied while creating many different projects throughout the year.  The artists Kandinsky and Van Gogh will be studied.  Students touch upon multiculturalism through the making of pinch pots.


    The first graders will develop painting and drawing techniques.  We will explore artistic styles from all over the world, such as Japanese Raku and paper marbling as well as cave paintings.  Artists Piet Mondrian and Georgia O'Keeffe will be discussed, and a celebration of Chinese New Year is scheduled.


    Second graders have the opportunity to discover color theory while creating a color wheel and drawings using warm or cool colors.  Several artists like Paul Klee, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali are studied while learning about landscape, foreground, middle ground, and background. 


    Third graders get to participate in a paper maché unit where they are assigned a planet, study it, and create it.  They will learn the placement of facial features when creating a self portrait.  Third graders also do a more intensive study on the artist Van Gogh and Bridgette Reilly.


    In the fourth grade we study Pop Art through the artists Warhol, Indiana, and Oldenberg.  Students experiment with a number of media and spend quite a bit of time focusing on value.   A Native American project, sand paintings will coincide with their classroom studies.


    Lastly, the fifth grade will learn about proportion when creating figurative drawings of classmates, and studying artworks from William H. Johnson.  Sculpture is discussed while creating three dimensional figures.  We will discuss many drawing techniques  including one point perspective.



    This year promises to be full of imagination and creativity!  I am looking forward to the results.


    -Mrs. Kaufman