• Book Borrowing: 
    Books may be checked out for a period of two weeks.  The Overdue Book List is generated weekly and distributed to classroom teachers.  If an overdue book exists, a child may not check out any new books until the overdue book is renewed, returned, replaced, or payment has been received.  If a child's book is not returned within a month of the due date, the parent will be notified, and a letter will be sent home listing the book's title, author, and cost of replacement. Cash or a check for that amount made out to Lincoln School will be requested. When payment is received, the book will be removed from the student's record, and borrowing privileges will resume. Should the book be found before June, the money will be refunded. In addition, we will request payment for any book that is returned damaged.
    Book Selection:
    · Kindergarten – 1 book
    · First Grade – 1-2 books (mid-year change)
    · Second Grade – 2 books
    · Third Grade – 2 books
    · Fourth Grade – 2 books
    · Fifth Grade – 2 books
    Girl on Book
    Students in all grades are permitted to borrow additional books for teacher-assigned readings and research projects. Each class visits the library once or twice weekly for lessons and book selection. The Learning Center also has an open visitation policy which means students, with teacher permission, may also come down to select books as needed.
    Proper Book Care: 
    Beginning in Kindergarten students are taught the importance of proper book care. They are reminded to:

    · Keep books away from food and drinks

    · Keep books dry

    · Keep borrowed library books in a designated place at home away from younger siblings

    · Keep your place using a bookmark – Do not fold page corners or use a thick object

    · Not make any marks in the book

    · Return books on or before the due date

    Students are taught and reminded about the following in terms of proper library behavior:
    · Maintain an appropriate voice level

    · Walk while entering, exiting, and browsing

    · Use shelf markers when browsing for books (Grades 1-3)

    · Push in all chairs in the library or computer lab prior to leaving

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