We are using different colors for notebooks and folders to help stay organized.                                
                                      Suggested Supplies for Fifth Grade
    Subject                                           Color                                 Supplies
    Reading                                          purple                               folder & spiral notebook
    Math                                              blue                                   folder & spiral notebook
    Language                                        red                                    folder & spiral notebook
    Writing                                           black                                  marble notebook
    STEM                                           black                                   marble notebook
    Science                                           green                                 folder & spiral  notebook
    Social Studies                                 yellow                               folder & spiral notebook
    Spelling & Handwriting                 black                                  folder & spiral notebook
    Spanish                                                                                      folder
    Health                                                                                         folder
                   Total # of folders- 8 (folders should have pockets on the bottom)
                   Total # of notebooks- 6 (spiral )
                   Total # of marble notebooks 2 or 3
    1 pencil case with several sharpened pencils (no pens)
    2 glue sticks or 1 bottle of glue
    1 pack of thick colored markers
    box of tissues
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