• Study Guide for Longitude, Latitude, Map Grid Test
    grid - is a system of intersecting (crossing) lines that form boxes on a map or globe
    lines of latitude - are imaginary lines that circle the Earth. They are drawn from east to west and measure the distance north or south of the equator.
    equator - is the zero line of latitude. It is the half way point between the North and South poles.
    Tropic of Cancer - a line of latitude north of the equator.
    Tropic of Capricorn - a line of latitude south of the equator.
    tropics - the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn where the climate is warm to hot throughout the year.
    Arctic Circle - is a line of latitude that is below the area of the North Pole
    Antarctic Circle - is a line of latitude above the area of the South Pole
    Polar Regions - are the areas between the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle and the poles. These areas are cold throughout the year.
    lines of longitude (meridans) - are imaginary lines that are drawn from north to south and measure the distance east and west of the Prime Meridan.
    Prime Meridan - is an imaginary line that passes through Greenwich in London, England and is the 0 degree line of longitude
    What does a grid (coordinates) do?
    A grid (or coordinates) helps you locate a place quickly.
    It tells you an area or a box to look in, so you don"t have to search an entire map to find a location.
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