• Journey to Jo"burg - vocabulary chapters 1-5
    1. glint(ed) - to shine with tiny bright flashes
    2. confident -a feeling of trust or belief (in oneself or in another)
    3. skimmed - to pass swiftly or lightly over
    4. beckoned - to call or signal by a motion (as with a wave or a nod)
    5. mutter - to speak in a low voice with lips partly closed; grumble
    6. horrid - horrible; very unpleasant; disgusting
    7. apartheid - apartness; South African government policy desighned to keep the whites and nonwhites separate from one another. This policy started in 1924 and was done away with in 1984.
    8. Afrikaaners - the Dutch people who lived in and controlled South Africa
    9. barbed wire - wire with sharp points that stick out
    10. dangerous - full of danger; risky; hazardous
    Vocabulary chapters 6-13
    1. clasp(ed) (v.) - to hold tightly; hug
    2. trundle(ed) (v.) - move slowly
    3. stifle (v.) - hold back (tears, laughter, your voice)
    4. inconvenient (adj.) - bothersome; causing or involving extra work, effort or trouble
    5. glistening (v.) - shining
    6. embroider(ed) (v.) - to create a design on a cloth using needle and colored thread
    7. weary (adj.) - tired, especially in having run out of strenght, patience, or endurance
    8. veranda (n.) (sometime spelled verandah) a porch
    9. queue (n.) - a line of people waiting for something (pronounced [kyoo])
    10. churning (v.) - mixing up; stirring up; tossing around
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