• Chapters 1-3 Quiz on March 22
    1. clearing (n.) - opening in the woods; field
    2. possess (v.) - to own; to have
    3. matchlock (n.) - a type of gun in which the powder is lit by a match or spark
    4. notch (n.) - V-shaped cut in a piece of wood used as a way to keep a record of time
    5. coax (n. or v.) - to lure; encourage
    6. rummage (v.) - to look through a collection of things
    7. treaty (n.) -- an agreement between warring sides
    8. pelts (n.) - animal skins with fur
    9. pewter (n.) - a metal used to make utensils; forks, spoons, plates, etc.
    10. burly (adj.) - big; heavyset
    Chapters 4-7-  Quiz on March 29
    1. deprive (v.) - to do without; not allow to have
    2. salvage (v.) - rescue something from a bad situation OR to save something for future use
    3. shamble(s) (n.) - a mess; torn apart
    4. persuade(d) (v.) - get somebody to do something; convince somebody of something
    5. incomprehensible (adj.) - impossible or very difficult to understand
    6. resentful (adj.) - annoyed; angry; bitter towards
    7. savage (n.) - wild; living wild
    8. scowl (n.) - frown; expression of anger
                    OR scowl (v.) - to form a frown
    9. impatience (n.) - showing irration; intolerance; annoyance; anxious
    Chapters 8-10
    1. contemptuous (adj.) despising; scornful
    2. cannibal (n.) - a person who eats other people
    3. dumbfounded (v.) to be speechless with astonishment; so surprised a person cannot speak
                    [it is a verb that must be used with a helping verb such as; was, am ]
    4. slaughter(ed) (n.) - the killing and preparing animals for food
        slaughter(ed)  (v.) to kill;massacre
    5. sapling (n.) - young trees
    6. snare (n.) - a type of trap
    7. whittle(ed) (v.) -  to cut; to carve
    8. thrust (v.) - to push with force
    9. scornfully (adv.) - mockingly
    10. hatchet (n.) - small type of axe
    Chapters 11- 15
    1. misshapen (adj.) - poorly shaped; badly shaped
    2.disdainful (adj.) - full of scorn or disgust
    3. disgruntle(d) (adj.) - unhappy; to put in a bad mood
    4. envious (adj.) - feeling or showing envy or jealousy
    5. abruptly (adv.) - suddenly
    6. warily (adv.) - doubtfully or with caution
    7. immense (adj.) - huge
    8. translate (v.) - interpret; explain
    Vocabulary on Test - Test Date
    meager - thin or lean, no much
    scarce - hard to get; rare
    solitary - alone; by oneself
    treaty - a formal agreement between people or nations
    envious - feeling of discontent, feeling or showing jealousy
    seize - to grab
    comrade - a close friend
    expedition - a journey
    glimpse - a short, quick look
    conceal - to  hide
    abruptly - suddenly
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