• Charlotte"s Web Vocabulary
     Chapters 1-3  Starred words will be on vocabulary quiz(*)
    *runt (n.)- smallest of a litter
    *injustice (n.)- an unjust act; not fair
    weakling (n.) - not strong
    wobble (v.) - to walk unsteadily, to waver
    blissful (adj.)- happy; content
    snout (n.)- a pig"s nose
    *enchant(ed)(v.) - to be put under a spell; charmed
    *vanish (v.)- to disappear quickly
    *journey (n.)- a trip
    journey (v.) - to travel
    manure (n.)- fertilizer obtained from animal waste
    *discard(ed)(v.) - to toss aside; no longer being used
    orchard (n.)- land set aside for fruit-growing trees (apples, peaches, oranges, etc.)
    *captivity (n.) - kept within bounds or under control
    freedom (n.) - able to choose; to be free
    *reconsider (v.)- to change your mind; to consider (think about) again
    *commotion (n.) - noisy excitement and confusion
    escape (n.)- to break free from captivity
    *cunning (n.) - skillful and clever
    Chapters 4 -7
    *gosling (n.) - baby goose
    cautious (adj.) - to be very careful
    *cautiously (adv.) - with great care in a dangerous situation
    *trough (n.) - long, shallow, open container for feeding animals
    *glutton (n.)- a person or animal that over eats
    racket (n.) - a great deal of noise
    mysterious (adj.) - unusual; unknown; difficult to understand
    inheritance (n.) - items (money, jewels, homes) left to another; can be traits orqualities      handed down through families
    *detest(ed)(v.) - a strong dislaike; loathe
    *hoist(ed)(v.) - to lift up, haul up
    *scruples (n.) - a sense of what is right or wrong that keeps one from just doing as one pleases
    *appall(ed) (v.) - overcome with shock or horror
    gander (n.) -the male goose
    gratify (v.) - to give pleasure to;satisfy
    loathe (v.) - to strongly dislike
    envy (n.) - to be jealous of what someone else has
    butcher (v.) - to cut up an animal to use as food
    *conspiracy (n.) - planning with others in secret
    *hysterics (n.) - uncontrollable laughing OR crying
    Chapters 8 -10   *All words will be on the test
    gratify(ied) (v.) - to give pleasure or to satisfy
    ramble(ed) (v.) - to talk or  write without a clear purpose
    boast (v.) - to praise one"s self or to talk about another person in a proud way
    oblige (v.) - to do a favor for or do something as a favor
    summon(ed)(v.) - to call or send for
    sedentary (n.) - to stay in one place; not move around a great deal
    straddle(ed) (v.) - to sit, stand, or walk with legs wide apart
    astride (prep.) - to stand or sit with one leg on each side (similar to straddle)
    scuttle(ed) (v.) - to run rapidly from view
    Chapters 11-15    *All words will be on the test
    exertion (n.) - great use of strength or ability
    solemnly (adv.) - seriously; quietly
    idiosyncrasy (n.) - habit; quirk; pecularity
    destiny (n.) - fate; future
    adjourn (v.) - to come to a close; end; postpone
    ascend (v.) - rise up; climb up
    figet (v.) - to be restless; move around; twitch; squirm
    incessant (adj.) - constant; nonstop; never-ending
    associate (v.) - mix with; have a lot to do with; be involved with
    confident (n.) - sure of oneself; in no doubt; certain
    versatile (n.) - multi-talented; adaptable; easily changeable
    Chapters 16 - 18  *All words will be on the test
    tramble (ed) (v.) - stamp on; walk over heavily; crush
    resist (v.) - to fight against somebody or someone; refuse to give into something
    lacerate(ed) (v.) - to cut or gash the skin so the wound is deep
    pickpocket (n.) - a thief who steals from people"s pickets and bags in public places
    midway (n.) - an area in a fair,carnival, or circus for sideshows and other amusements (rides)
    listless (adj.) - lacking energy, interest, or the willingness to make an effort
    keen (adj.) - finely tuned and able to sense minor differences; highly sensitive
    detect (v.) - notice; become aware of; discover
    sneer(ed) (v.) - to say something in an unpleasant way
    masterpiece (n.) - an exceptionally good piece of creative work
    Chapters 19, 20, and 22  *All words will be on the test
    guarantee (v.) - to be sure of a certain outcome; assurance
    acute (adj.) - severe; extremely serious or painful
    pompous (adj.) - full of splendor; self important; showy
    phenomenon (n.) - a marvel; a wonder; miracle; something that is out of the ordinary and excites people"s interest and curiosity
    revive (v.) - recover consciousness; to come back to life; re-awaken
    trinket (n.) - a small object of little value
    keepsake (n.) - a small item or gift kept becasue it brings up memories of something; souvenir
    updraft (n.) - a current of air that is moving upward
    pledge (n.) - a solemn promise; a vow; word of honor