Daily Homework


     Date Thursday Jan. 15th, 2015


    Ch. 6 pg. 399 & 400
    Circled problems only (must check work using area models for Mult. and and long division, check by multiplying.

    Please log on to Connect Ed (Ch. 6  lessons) and click on e-book, then e-help, and homework helper.
    (If your child isn't completely fluent in all of their math fact, please practice, practice, practice home!                                        
    Ch. 6 Test is Tuesday, the 20th
    Read non-fiction for 20 min. (5 min. aloud) to a grown-up (Grown-up must sign)



    Social Studies


    Language Arts
     Prep. for in class writing assessment (Opinion essay) to be on Wednesday, the 21st.
    • Select a topic (opinion)
    • Complete the boxes and bullets organizer
    • Review the requirements for essay writing that I will base the grade on


    Current Events



     #s 7-11 present on Friday

    *Please sign all graded papers in the Friday Folder and return to me
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