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    Halloween Helpful Hints

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    -       Costumes should be short enough so that your child doesn't trip on it, either walking, or going up and down stairs

    -       Costumes should have strips of reflective tape, if your child is going out at night

    -       Comfortable shoes are a must for trick-or-treating

    -       Flashlights will help your child navigate unfamiliar home entries at night

    -       Costumes should be made of flame-retardant materials

    -       So that vision isn't obscured, face paint is a better alternative to a plastic face mask

    Trick-or-Treating Tips:

    -       Know the area in which your child will be trick-or-treating

    -       Elementary age children should be accompanied by an adult, or a trusted teenager

    -       Children should only approach homes that are lit up, and welcoming

    -       Children should not enter a home unless the residents are well-known to them; instruct your child never to enter a stranger's home

    -       Remind your child to walk on the sidewalk, not in the street

    -       All treats should be brought home and checked by an adult before eating

    Halloween is an imaginative and memorable holiday. Make it a safe one, too!

    About this column:

    West Caldwell Police Officer Paul Mazzeo is a D.A.R.E. officer for the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District and resource officer at James Caldwell High School.