All students with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services, including students with disabilities attending non-public schools, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, are located, identified and evaluate according to N.J.A.C.6A:14-3.3.


    1.        Before a student who is experiencing educational difficulties or a student who may be disabled but is advancing from grade to grade is referred to the Child Study Team, reasonable attempts shall be made to address the student’s educational problem(s) by interventions in the general education school program.


    The student’s teacher(s), parent, or adult student will submit concerns to the principal (K-5) or guidance counselor (6 – 12).


    The principal or counselor shall circulate the Pupil Assistance / Intervention & Referral Services Committee form to appropriate school staff.


    The student’s teacher(s) shall maintain written documentation of attempted interventions, duration, and effectiveness of the intervention(s).  These are reviewed by the principal (K-5) or counselor (6-12) and additional interventions developed.


    Following a specified time period, if concerns prevail, a copy of the written documentation of the implementation and effectiveness of the interventions shall be forwarded to the Pupil Assistance/ Intervention & Referral Services Committee.  The student’s parent(s) shall receive a written copy of the documentation.


    The Pupil Assistance/ Intervention & Referral Services Committee members may recommend further general education interventions, modifications and family supports, or make a referral to the Child Study Team.


    Following a specified time period, if documentation indicates that all general education interventions have been attempted and concerns remain, the principal (K-5) or counselor(6-12) will, immediately, refer the student to the Child Study Team and forward all general education intervention documentation to the Child Study Team Chairperson.  Simultaneously, the principal (K-5) or counselor (6-12) will notify the student’s parent(s) of the Pupil Assistance/ Intervention & Referral Services Committee’s action.


    Upon receipt of written referral from the Pupil Assistance/ Intervention & Referral Services Committee, the Child Study Team will review the documentation from the Pupil Assistance/ Intervention & Referral Services Committee, date stamp the referral with the date received, and assign an interim Case Manager.  The interim case manager, within 20 calendar days excluding school holidays but not weekends or summer vacation, will schedule a planning meeting.


    2.        General education interventions are not a prerequisite to an initial evaluation when:


    It can be determined that the nature of the student’s educational difficulties is such that an initial evaluation is warranted without undue delay; or the parent submits a written request for an initial evaluation. 

    Such a request is considered a referral and upon receipt will be date stamped with the received and forwarded, immediately, by the principal (K-5) or counselor (6-12) to the Child Study Team Chairperson.



    Basic Skills Program:


    In addition to services provided to students who have been determined to have disabilities, additional services to students in our elementary schools include the Basic Skills Improvement Program which provides services to students in grades 1 – 5.  Students who fall below state-established minimum levels of proficiency in Math, Reading or Language Arts on standardized tests receive small group instructional support through the BSIP program.   For first graders, this program is provided through the assistance of an instructional aide in the classrooms, and inclusion is based upon teacher recommendation, while 2 – 5 graders receive instruction outside of the classroom setting.  Classroom and BSIP teachers maintain contact to coordinate student need and growth, and parental approval is necessary for participation.  



    Counseling Services


    Counseling services are available for elementary students through The Bridge.  Bridge counselors provide

    Counseling services to groups or individuals who are experiencing difficult interpersonal, school-related situations.  Parents are notified of counseling provided to students.