School Safety

  • Arrival and Departure:

    Please instruct your child to use the sidewalks at all times.  Crossing guards, assisted by safety patrol students, are posted at high-traffic crossings to ensure safety.  If you will be late picking up your child, please notify the office so that we may have him/her wait for you.  Please instruct them that in the event you are not there to pick them up they are to report to the office and let the secretary know that their ride is late.  


    Parking in the school parking lot is for staff only. Entering the lot during arrival and dismissal times endangers the safety of our children, and we ask you not to enter even to drop off children. Please be aware of NO PARKING signs and all other municipal parking regulations when parking on Crane Street. 

    DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE PARKING AREA DURING SCHOOL HOURS!!!!  Students should be dropped off at the curb in the morning, and are expected to report directly to the playground upon arrival. 

    Crane Street is closed to through-traffic from 2:30 – 3:15 p.m.  Students can be picked up at either end of Crane Street at the conclusion of the day.

    Your cooperation in the safe operation of vehicles around our school is greatly appreciated, and helps to keep our children safe.


    Students are prohibited from riding their bicycles to school until the fourth grade except if accompanied by a parent or other authorized adult.  Parents are responsible for arranging for adult accompaniment to and from the school site. Appropriate bicycle racks will be provided at each school.

    The Board of Education, however, in providing this service (bicycle racks) does not, in any way, assume responsibility for the safety or safekeeping of such bicycles.  It is strongly recommended that all parents provide their children with appropriate safety locks and / or chains in order to adequately insure, as much as is possible, the safekeeping of their children’s bicycles.
    Each elementary school shall provide appropriate bicycle safety instruction for students entering fourth grade.  Students in the secondary schools shall be instructed to obey the State regulations concerning bicycle usage and maintenance.


    All visitors, including invited guests and parents, must report directly to the office upon arrival into school.  Please check in with the secretary or principal.  Parents are asked not to make unscheduled visits to classrooms, thereby eliminating interruptions to the learning environment.  Appointments to visit or speak with teachers and school personnel can be arranged by contacting the school office during school hours.  Calling ahead and making an appointment insures that school personnel will be available to meet with you.

    Photo Privacy:

    Although the Caldwell-West Caldwell Schools require parent permission for including student identifying information or photographs on the district website or in authorized district publications, please be aware that individual parents or community members could post photographs of your child taken at school events on private websites or networking sites which is beyond the district’s ability to control.

    Students  Accident Insurance:

    A comprehensive program of Student Accident insurance is available to all students, and parents are encouraged to avail themselves of this valuable option.  Benefits are fully explained in a distribution during the first week of school from the office of the Board Secretary / Business Administrator.  If your child does not bring this information home during the first week of school for your consideration, please call the school office for a copy.  The Caldwell-West Caldwell Board of Education does not provide accident insurance for children.