The Lincoln School H.S.A. reimburses expenses for H.S.A. sponsored events. 
    Please use the attached form for any expense reimbursements associated with purchasing goods used at H.S.A. activities.  These activities include, but are not limited to: Family Fun Nights, Holiday Gift Sale, Hospitality, Welcoming Committee and many others. 
    • If you are not the Committee Chairperson, please be sure to get the Committee Chairperson's approval PRIOR to purchasing items. This will ensure that you receive your total refund. 
    • All check requests over $400.00 require pre-approval. Please contact the HSA President or Vice President before making your purchase.
    •  Tax is NOT refundable. Contact your committee chair to find out how to purchase items tax free.
    • All check requests can be submitted to the HSA Treasurer. Contact information and instructions can be found on the bottom of the Reimbursement Request Form.
    Thank you for volunteering !!!