Art Classes: Ceramics, Pottery, Crafts, Drawing, and Painting

woman with clayCeramics

Ceramics class is a class built to teach children how to deal with clay for the firs time. Projects include making pinch and coil pots. Students learn to detail their work and paint it with multiple colors.

woman with pottery Pottery

Pottery class teaches older students how to take their clay shaping abilities to the next level, by learning to make pots on a wheel. This fun and exciting class leads to the advanced art of making clay pots and such.

man with sculptureCrafts

Crafts is a class for making various arts and crafts. You make jewelry to take home, sculptures, and other fun crafts to take home to enjoy with your family.

colored pencilsDrawing
In Drawing, students learn to draw still life drawing for themselves. Shading, depth, and othe points come in to teaching young adults to draw advanced sketches.

artist paintingPainting 

In this class students learn to paint. Mixing color and shading with paint is all combined. Children paint and create like never before in this class. These classes cost extra due to necessity for paint brushes and canvas.