• Quick Facts About Me
    I have two sons: Ryan who's 20 and Sean who's 17.
    Sean plays golf and the drums, and Ryan plays rugby and the guitar.
    Ryan goes to St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

    I have five nephews and six nieces. (They call me "Aunt Evi.")

    My mom was born in Hungary and my dad in Austria, but I'm a Jersey girl. I grew up in central New Jersey.

    I graduated from Douglass College (Rutgers University).

    My sister is one of my best friends, and her daughters are the girls I never had. (My sons are the boys she never had.)

    I collect heart-shaped rocks. (I have tons!)

    Heart Rock

    Sean and I have an on-going game of gin rummy. (The score is 12,945 to 12,095. I'm winning, but Sean has every intention of getting ahead and making me update this fact here.) 

    My students are always asking me, "Mrs. Pizzano, what's your favorite color?" That is SUCH a difficult question for an artist who loves color. But when they make me narrow it down, I always say orange. I think I use it in every painting. For me orange is warmth and happiness. (I don't necessarily look good wearing it, but I sure do love to look at it.) Then when my students REALLY bug me and ask, "What about your second favorite?" I have to say a deep, rich raspberry (and of course, they all know the accurate artistic word for it is "red-purple"). Go to "My Artwork" page of this site and see how much I use these two colors. I can't stop myself!
    I love chocolate, coffee, rock-n-roll, reading, my job and my students. MY STUDENTS ARE THE BEST! (Oh, I almost forgot, I love art too.)