• What's Going on in Art Class
    We're working on shapes ... squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, etc. Each week it's another work of art with the featured shape.
    First Grade
    We're learning about Kandinsky and Mondrian and their different styles of painting, especially noticing their lines.
    Second Grade
    My second graders are learning about color ... primary colors, secondary colors and complementary colors and creating collages .
    Third Grade
    In third grade are we're reviewing what we know about color and adding more information to it: tertiary colors and pastels. We're currently finishing up team color projects.
    Fourth Grade
    My fourth grade artists are working on gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) Monochromatic Mixed media projects now. These will absolutely be hung to show off!
    Fifth Grade
    In fifth grade we're almost finished with our treehouse designs and will soon be moving on to High Contrast Black and White Masks.