• All About Me

    Me at the Frida kahol Exhibit in Philadelphia
    "Yippie! It's time for Art!"

    I said it as a kid and I'm still saying it today. My name is Eve Pizzano and I've considered myself an artist all my life. As a child my favorite thing was a brand new box of crayons. I'd sit for hours breaking them in. During elementary school my favorite day of the week was the day I had Art, and later in high school and college my schedule was always filled with as many Art classes as it would allow. The incredible Art teachers I had still have an impact on me today.

    I graduated from Douglass College with an Art Degree (what else?). My first job out of college was at a graphic design studio in New York City. I did everything from design signs for shopping malls to menus for restaurants. Being the rookie, it wasn't beneath me to go get coffee and donuts for the entire studio or feed the owner's cat.
    Later I had my own decorative painting business. It was perfect for me. I was my own boss and worked my own hours. I painted murals in kids' rooms and faux finishes in homes. It was fun, messy, back-breaking work, and after six years I was ready for a change ... a really big change.

    That's when I began to pursue my dream of teaching Art. It was lots of hard work, but I did it, and here I finally am today! It's a busy schedule working at two schools, but I love my job and am so glad to get up every day to spend time teaching what I love to great kids. My hope is that my students will come to love Art as much as I always have and continue to include it in their lives in some way - as a career, a hobby, or just an interest.