• Parental Involvement

    Dear Parents,
    You are an integral and vital part of your child's intellectual, social, and psychological growth. Middle school is a tumultuous time when your child needs structure, boundaries, support, encouragement, and guidance...even if they seem resistant. For your child to succeed during this period of their lives, a positive partnership between you and I (the teacher) is very important.
    Here are a few of my expectations about our parent-teacher bond:
    • Make homework and studying a priority.  Check my website homework and calendar pages for updates.
    • Show interest and involvement in what's going on with your child both in school and extra-curricular activities.  Strike a balance between work and play so your child is well-rounded, but academics should always come first. 
    • Communicate your questions, concerns, and suggestions.  E-mail is best.
    • A student's reaching his/her potential is the result of 3 people doing their job: Student, Parent, and Teacher.  It is important that your child owns the responsibility for his/her growth and learning.
    Please email me when any questions or concerns arise throughout the school year!
    Mr. Saito