• Helpful Resources for New Sixth Graders!
    How to survive 6th grade (tips from former students):
    1. Always get your projects and homework in on time.
    2. Know your schedule, and learn where all your classes are.
    3. Pay attention in class.
    4. Do not procrastinate with assignments.
    5. Keep your locker clean and organized.
    6. Stop by for a tour before the first day of school.
    7. Wake up earlier so you can get ready for school without rushing & forgetting things at home.
    8. Bring all the stuff you need from your locker...remember you don't have desks anymore.
    9. Figure out how to open your locker, quickly & smoothly, as soon as possible.
    10. Bring your schedule around the first few days, so you don't get lost or lose your locker combo.
    11. Pace yourself, especially for projects.
    12. Come to class prepared.
    13. Don't be afraid of asking for help.
    14. Be yourself...don't change for anyone!
    15. Listen to Mr. Saito :)

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