• Facts at a Glance
    As of June 2012, there were 2,647 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12, as follows:
    Jefferson – 308; Lincoln - 239; Washington – 367; Wilson – 236; Grover Cleveland Middle School – 643;
    James Caldwell High School – 786, 25 preschool students, and 43 out of district placements.
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    Faculty/Student Ratio
    There is approximately one teacher for every 20 pupils. This includes special education teachers and subject specialists in art, music, technology and health and physical education. In addition, the district has certified school nurses, media specialists, reading specialists, guidance counselors, resource center teachers, gifted & talented/enrichment teachers, and child study team members.

    NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Status 

    In compliance with Federal and State regulations, parents have the right to inquire to the principal about the qualifications and Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) status of their child's teacher.

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    Average Class Size
    The average elementary class size is approximately 20 pupils at the elementary school level. The middle and high school class sizes are slightly higher. Class sizes at the middle and high schools vary greatly depending upon the subject. For example, an advanced foreign language class may have as few as eight pupils while a health or physical education class may have as many as 30 pupils.

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    Staff Preparation
    Of the approximately 233 certified instructional staff :
    2 have a doctoral level degree, 48 have a master's degree plus 16 or 32 credits, 85 have a master's degree, 43 have a bachelor's degree plus 16 or 32 credits, and 55 have a bachelor's degree.
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    Years of Service - Certified Staff
    67 have 20 or more years of service
    32 have between 12-19 years of service
    79 have from 3-11 years of service
    68 have 2 or fewer years of service