Our Community

  • The residential towns of Caldwell and West Caldwell are located approximately 25 miles west of New York City in the western section of Essex County. With a history dating back to the 1700's, the townships were named to honor the Reverend James Caldwell, the fighting parson of the American Revolution. Caldwell is the birthplace of our nation's 22nd and 24th president, Grover Cleveland.
    The community takes pride in the excellent reputation of the schools and the accomplishments of its students.  New families are welcomed in to the community, joining their predecessors who have called Caldwell and West Caldwell home for several generations.
    The schools receive strong support from both parents and citizens as well as from the business community.  This support has been demonstrated by the passage of school budgets by the voters, as well as two bond referendums.  The district is proud of the positive relationship it shares with the community and believes that an essential component of  continuous growth is advocacy to achieve the community's vision for its schools and students.