• How to prevent “Summer Rust”


    Since you won’t have the opportunity to play in Band, Lessons, or Jazz band each week during the summer, here are some suggestions so you don’t get musically “rusty” over the summer.

    1. Try to set some time aside each day at the same time to play your instrument.
    2. Make sure you have music at home that you enjoy to play. 
    3. Get yourself some new books (Pop, Jazz, Classical).
    4. Try to get music that has a CD accompaniment which makes playing more fun.
    5. Get together with a friend and play duets.
    6. Get together with friends and form a band.
    7. Play for your relatives and/or friends.
    8. On vacation, bring your instrument with you if possible.
    9. Join a camp or Summer Art’s program that offers music instruction. (Ask your music teacher for his or her suggestions).
    10. Try to listen to music every day.
    11. Attend live performances.
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