• Woodwind Lessons
    Woodwind lessons with Mr. Larsen meet once a week.  Students are expected to practice at home between 3-7 days a week.  Elementary School students should play for at least 10 minutes per practice session. Middle School students should play at least 20 minutes per practice session.  Grades are based on effort, participation, preparation, and attendance in music class (when the student is in school).  All Grover Cleveland woodwind students and parents should read the following link for grading information in lessons:  GCMS Instrumental Lesson Grading PolicyIn lessons, the class works on material found in their method book and on music they are playing in band. The  playing of duets, trios, etc. are also an important part of the music lesson to develop independence and musicality.  Students are encouraged to play their instruments in a positive classroom environment in which the students and Mr. Larsen work collaboratively.  Classes are generally kept small (1-6 students) to allow for some individual instruction within each class. 



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